Forty Thousand

My love! Today I am reborn, my life will start anew, forty thousand hours I searched, to find my way to you. Together at last, two soul’s unite, life’s a puzzle no more, paradise beckons, see it smile, as it opens wide it’s door.

Picture by Urška & Primož, photography @2lindens


You placed a dream lightly on my tongue

Nectar dripped from open lips

Time stood still

Only my heart moved

Turbo pulse out of control

Veins on fire, blood like lava

Supernova blast

Cosmic dust carried on wind

Reaching nirvana

I formed anew

Glowing light shone in the void

Destiny found

Clear and true.


Where does sanity end


When love starts with a friend

Platonically perfect in every way

Until the day we hugged

a bit too long

I’m afraid my heart led me astray

So my mind has no rest

Fidelity, my biggest test

Heart at war with my head

Overwhelming feeling of dread

I can’t win whatever I decide

I’m blessed by the sand and swelling tide

For here I sit, contemplating my fate

On slippy ground, I skate

I’m not gonna think of this anymore

Go with the flow on my mystery tour.

My Wall

Happy behind my wall

Six feet wide, 8 foot tall

I hear the chatter of passers by

Hear them laugh, hear them cry

Some sing as they walk along

Others whistle a catchy song

I’ve heard people fighting, screaming abuse

Bones breaking, skin opened, same old news

I hear couple’s promise eternal love

And how they’ll free a thousand Doves

I’ve heard zippers making way, for the call of nature

The plea of a man hoping to tame her

Life flies by, out of my sight

That’s how I like it

Don’t pity my plight.


Thinking is perpetual, gnawing away at tired mind

Deciding how it will go, calculating risk

Future events decided in a split-second

Precursor to regret, or vindication, acceptance

Joy, sadness, anger, pleasure,

So think clearly, think of what is to come

Think carefully, because it sticks with you, and tends to bite your ass when you least expect it.

Think of the life you want

Think truly..

Robert Doisneau
Les Géants du Nord, 1951