My story so far

Hello! I’m Paul, and I love to create.

For example;  I write sometimes, I say sometimes, because I can get easily distracted and bang! My focus flies out of the nearest window and disappears for a month or so. It does not take much to send me off course, and I often wonder if I’m cut-out for this writing lark.

I also like tinkering in graphic design, and digital art, and yes you guessed it, that very same window that takes my writing, also takes my creative design/art.

The thing is I have tonnes of great earth shattering ideas engaged in persistent combat inside my head, but I can never declare a winner, and I try! I really try!

So that’s a little about me, I’m looking forward to shaping this blog, it will be fun, hopefully fun for you too, better get to my first post now, wish me luck!

Let’s see if I can keep that window firmly shut 🙂

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